Endless Night welcome all who contribute to our experience and culture of our events. Our mission is to provide top notch professional entertainment and experiences based on our intellectual property and storylines. In order to provide this experience we need to enforce the following rules of conduct within our events and on EN social media:U 

1. All guests are to behave like ladies and gentlemen.

2. 21+ with government issue photo ID and some events are 18+ (such as in Europe and NOLA).

3. All guests must be in appropriate dress code during events. www.endlessnight.com/dresscode

4. NO SOLICITING for other events, groups or businesses who are not official active sponsors or partners of Endless Night Productions.

5. Sponsors, partners and vendors are chosen on a case by case basis based on their contribution to the Endless Night movement, quality of events and community.

6. Some events will have a BDSM dungeon so please respect the rules of Safe, Sane and Consent. (SSC). The dungeon master / mistress has final say.

7. Those who slander publicly or on social media EN or its employees / partners may be banned from events and social media. The proper channel is to email our offices, contribute to an after event survey or message our Facebook page with any concerns.

8. Ladies shall be treated with respect and dignity so they feel free to enjoy the events and community. No touching without invitation.

9. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

10. No blood play or blood drinking shall take place on the premises.