"Endless Night is akin to a Venetian Masquerade Ball, meeting a Vampire Court, with the Elegance of a Burlesque Cabaret and the Energy of a Rock Concert!"



Endless Night was born in 1998 and after Katrina in 2007, local Voodoo Priestess "Bloody Mary" performed a cleansing ritual to welcome EN back.  Yet born was a spirit of the event by the name of Fred Samedi, son of Baron Samedi.  Part Vampire, part Loa.  He is said to haunt and host the events.


Endless Night is at its core an event run by vampires for Vampires and our "Black Swans" (admirers and mortal allies).  All of the power words of the vampire mythos are intended to be expressed including  Magic, Sensuality, Elegance, Class, Romance, Seduction, Immortality, Blood, Music, Dance and Ritual.



Endless Night maintains a reputation as one of the best dressed events in the world. Patrons pride themselves on outdoing the previous year and preparing their costumes all year.  Our GateKeeper Victor Magnus is renowned for enforcing a strict dress code.