Endless Night welcomes all who seek to contribute to the experience and culture of our events. Our mission is to provide premium and immersive entertainment experiences based on our intellectual property and storylines.  For those wishing to know more about Vampire Culture please obtain and read a copy of "BLACK VEILS : The Vampire Lexicon."  In order to help everyone enjoy these experiences, we need to uphold the following rules of conduct within our events and on our social media:


Respect everyone’s personal space.
No photography without consent.
Fangs and Legacy Ankhs encouraged.
When in doubt wear black.
No illegal drugs or outside drinks.
What happens in Endless Night, stays in Endless Night.


Endless Night is a “Venetian Masquerade Ball meets a Vampire Court, with the Energy of a Rock Concert and the Elegance of a Burlesque Cabaret.”  All patrons “courtiers” are expected to abide by the following:

DEFINITION: As defined by Webster’s dictionary “the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.”

Courtly etiquette should be employed when court is in session All guests are “Dark Aristocracy.” 

DRESS CODE: Always be in proper dress code. When in doubt all black on black.  Fangs, SFX contacts and Legacy Ankhs highly encouraged. Look at our pinterest for ideas and suggestions: http://www.pinterest.com/endlessnightvb 

ADULTS ONLY: All participants should be the age of majority (eighteen is most cases and 21+ in most venues) and legal adults with government issue ID ready.

SAFETY: Respect people’s personal space and no touching without permission.  Endless Night is a sacred space.

LADIES & GENTS: All courtiers are to act as proper Vampiric ladies and gentlemen.  Harassment, rude behaviour or disrespect to any courtier will result in banishment from the event.  

WEAPONS: are not permitted.

PRIVATE EVENTS: Inner Court events are invite only by the Host.  Guest should be pre-announced and approved. Outer Court events are private events and admission is a privilege not a right. We reserve the right to reject any guest for violating the event etiquette.

PRIVACY: What happens in Endless Night, stays in Endless Night. Address everyone but their sobriquet or chosen name at Endless Night.

PHOTO POLICY: during salons there shall be no photography except in the photobooth and official photographer. For Vampire Balls all are welcome to use personal devices.

RITUAL: Never interrupt a ritual or performance, be polite, be quiet and focus. If you do not want to participate stand outside the ritual area.

BDSM: play should remain classy, safe, tasteful and elegant.  Examples include shibari and light play.  No vulgar or outrageous or touching without invitation.

DRUGS & ALCOHOL: No illegal drugs are permitted within EN events. No outside alcohol permitted unless specifically stated at specific events.

BLOOD: No drinking blood (sanguine feeding) at Endless Night.  Blood play should remain at home in private chambers or only in performance art.

BLACK VEILS: All guests are encouraged to at least have read the “Black Veils: The Vampire Lexicon” by Father Sebastiaan.  Can be found on Amazon.com or via Lulu.com.

NEUTRAL GROUND: Endless Night is a neutral ground and all guests come as individuals, leave non Sabretooth Clan titles and politics outside the Gates.

SOLICITING: No soliciting for non-affiliated or sponsoring businesses, events or orgs without consent of the Host.

FEEDBACK: All any any criticisms, suggestions and ideas be directed directly to the Impresario and management in writing to endlessnightvampireball@gmail.com or via Facebook Messenger http://www.facebook.com/endlessnightvampireball.