Endless Night welcomes all who seek to contribute to the experience and culture of our events. Our mission is to provide premium and immersive entertainment experiences based on our intellectual property and storylines.  For those wishing to know more about Vampire Culture please obtain and read a copy of "BLACK VEILS : The Vampire Lexicon."  In order to help everyone enjoy these experiences, we need to uphold the following rules of conduct within our events and on our social media:

The basics:

Respect everyone’s personal space.
No photography without consent.
Fangs and Legacy Ankhs encouraged.
When in doubt wear black.
No illegal drugs or outside drinks.
What happens in Endless Night, stays in Endless Night.

1. ADULTS ONLY: Please be ready to provide valid government issued photo ID with your birth date to prove that you are 21+ (some events are 18+ such as in Europe and NOLA).

2. DRESS CODE: To gain entry, all guests must be in appropriate dress code for all events.  Yet when in doubt wear all black on black (level 1).  Endless Night patrons work hard on their outfits for our events. They honour you by looking their best and you can honour them by dressing in your best or to the specific theme of the event.  The door staff with have final say on whether your outfit is appropriate. Please refer to www.endlessnight.com/dresscode

3. MANNERS: Always take care to exhibit good manners and be on your best behavior. Endless Night patrons and staff always seek to exemplify the meaning of what it is to be Ladies, Gentlemen and considerate human beings.  We are generally very accepting, BUT any behavior that can be deemed disrespectful, discriminatory, sleazy or predatory will asked to leave the venue and possibly excused from future events.  We all want to enjoy the events and have a good time; anyone who infringes that sense of enjoyment will be removed immediately.  Please refer to our Anti-Harassment Policy: www.endlessnight.com/anti-harassment-policy

4. TOUCH: it is essential respect everyone’s personal space. Do not touch anyone without their permission.

5. BLOOD: Due to very serious health concerns for everyone, ALL blood play or blood drinking (with the exception of specific pre-approved performances under legal health code guidelines) will be prohibited from occurring on premises during any Endless Night event.

6. SOLICITING: Please do not solicit, promote or flyer for other any other non- Endless Night events, groups, organizations or any other businesses that have not been officially sanctioned by Endless Night or are currently active sponsors or partners of Endless Night Productions.

Keep in mind that all of our current sponsors, partners and vendors are carefully chosen on a case by case basis, with inclusion based on their contribution to Endless Night ideals and to quality of our events, community and culture.  So, please respect their efforts by not promoting for those not sanctioned.

7. FEEDBACK:  We would love to hear your feedback to help us improve our event for all patrons. If you have suggestions, feedback, complaints or concerns, the proper channel is to email our offices, participate with an after-event surveys or message our Facebook page. We will do our best to address any issues in a timely and fair manner.  

8. DRUGS: Endless Night is a drug free environment, with the exception of tobacco, alcohol and marijuana in use where social use is legal.  Those caught distributing or using illegal substances will be asked to leave our events.

9. PHOTO / VIDEO: In most evens you are welcome to use your phone camera.  However professional cameras and photography equipment require a signed waiver and photo release or it will not be permitted on the premises.  In some instances there will be designated areas with no photography allowed except by official photographers.  To obtain a press pass please contact us via email at endlessnightvampireball@gmail.com.  Please submit a formal request with your gallery for us to look at.

10. TICKETS: Endless Night tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.  But may rollover to future events if requested.

11. BDSM: Some events will have a BDSM dungeon or related activities in designated areas. Whether you are participating in, or merely viewing these activities, we ask you to adhere to the principles Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) conduct. NEVER verbally or physically interrupt a scene in progress.  Please NEVER touch people without their expressed permission, in any way, shape or form. The dungeon master / mistress will always have final say about conduct and consent.

12. RITUALS – Some events may include Magickal rituals and ceremonies as performances or installations. Such activities will be conducted in specific areas and zones that may be designated as a chapel, lecture room or performance space. Please, do not interrupt any ritual or performance while it is in progress. Also, please be considerate, quiet and respectful until any ceremony, ritual or performance is concluded .  Whether or not you are an observer or participant, always follow the ritual leader’s directions and abide by the outcome.

13. WEAPONS - Real or prop weapons are forbidden at events with the exception of for performances, which are pre-approved by security.