The dress code of the Endless Night Vampire Ball events is the centrepiece of our collective experience. It is a ritual and ceremony we go through each year to make the theme stand out, with the patrons (Nighters) and Krewe working together to create an unforgettable event. The more effort you make the more you will enjoy the event, and the better the energy will be.

NEW RULE - Superhero Costumes except Blade and Vampire Characters are not permitted.  


Some places to get your costumes include:


Highly preferred before our midnight ceremony “The Red Mass”… you can get your masks from one of our sponsored vendors, make it yourself or have it created for you.

Local shops

  • ⚜ Maskarade, Inc: 630 St Ann St New Orleans, LA 70116 PH (504) 568-1018
  • ⚜ Masks and Make Believe
  • ⚜ Southern Costume Company


Of course no Vampire Ball is complete without a pair of custom made fangs by a Fangsmith.  We are pleased to have TWO of the world's most renowned "fangsmiths."  

Impresario Father Sebastiaan is only able to take limited appointments Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the ball because he needs to host the event.  PLEASE ONLY book with Father Sebastiaan if you wish to join the Sabretooth Clan and know what it means. 

His "sister in fangsmithing" Dnash will be also available all weekend by appointment.  She has over 20 years of fangsmithing experience and will be sure to have more slots available.