Types of Endless Night Events

Types of EN Events

Endless Night Productions events are public, professionally run events hosted by the Sabretooth Clan geared towards those of Neo-Victorian, Vampire/Vampyre, Steampunk, Pagan, Fetish, Medieval and Gothic cultures.   Our private events are known as “Inner Courts” and are for Sabretooth members only.   All those who obtain a ticket, meet the dress code requirements of the GateKeeper (for security and aesthetic empowerment of the event) and agree to our code of conduct are welcome to attend.

– 400-1500 guests.
– Top international venues (past and present) such as The House of Blues New Orleans, Delphi Cinema in Berlin, The Bank / Element NYC, Limelight / Avalon NYC and Castle Ybor.
– Completely branded Endless Night experience and environment.
– Themed events (not all Vampire Balls) encouraging a storyline through the event.
– Strict Endless Night Dress Code.
– Best Dressed Contest.
– Master / Mistress of Ceremonies.
– Scripted stage performances.
– Live Musical which have included in the past Rasputina, Cult of the Psychik Fetus, Inkubus Sukkubus, opera singers, etc.
– Top alternative DJs spinning the Endless Night Vampire Top 250 and their own specialities.
– Burlesque and Bellydance shows.

– 50-400 guests.
– “Mini-Vampire Balls” which may include many of the elements as above.
– Make take place in venues which EN does not have full control of such as partnering with a theme night at a local alternative club.
– Various performances but not full scale such as belly dance shows, cabaret / burlesque, costume contest, etc.
– Strict Endless Night Dress Code is HIGHLY encouraged but not required.
– Top alternative DJs spinning the Endless Night Vampire Top 250 and their own specialities.

- 50-300 guests.
– Are intimate adult oriented “Eyes Wide Shut parties.”
– Masks highly encouraged.
– Strict Dress Code encouraging classy yet sensual and erotic attire.
– Ritual and theatrical performances.
– High class lounge like atmosphere.
– Music is varied including the Endless Night Vampire Top 250 to ceremonial and ambient.
– “Light sensual erotic play” such as shibari and kitten play is welcome.
– Not a “swingers” or heavy BDSM event.

– 5-100 people.
– Cocktail party or meet-up of “Nighters” in an intimate setting such as a hotel suite.
- Dress code (usually all black).