Hospitality White Badges for Security and Safety in the Endless Night Experience

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Good morning beauties,

We want you to have a wonderful experience at our Endless Night events. We are going through the steps of making each event better. Starting in Las Vegas and to some extent Tampa eventually all of our events worldwide. We will be releasing White badges to select EN krewe to help with hospitality and safety concerns.

Hospitality Emissaries please review the

White Fred Samedi Hospitality badges are for trusted and approachable Emissaries and EN community members. They are educated on the Code of Conduct and are available to assist regarding safety, addressing concerns, aiding in comfort and general information about the venue and activities happening on site during events. They are there for the betterment of the Endless Night experience. Thanks for your support. See you at the next ball.

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Announcing the Vampyre No. 23 Brand of T-shirts supporting

ORDER TODAY from the

Father Sebastiaan and Endless Night Productions (creators of the New Orleans Vampire Ball at the House of Blues) is proud to present the Ancient Vampyre No. 23 Brand of T-shirts and merchandise.  

Each shirt will be inspired by whiskey table style branding for different “Vampyre Halos” (the spirit of each vampire city) around the world of the old school VAMPYRE MAGAZINE branding from the 1990s.  

Locals of each halo can show pride for their city and collect them all and show support for different cities they visit.  Our first release of shirts and hoodies include New York City (Gotham Halo est. 1995), Los Angeles / Hollywood (Angel Halo est. 1996), Central Florida / Tampa (Lightning Bay Halo est. 1997), London UK (Albion Halo est. 2000), Paris France (Lutetia Halo est. 2005), New Orleans (Crescent Halo est. 1998) and San Francisco (Gate Halo est. 2015).  With many more Vampyre Halos and cities to come as they are announced.

The best part is $1 from each shirt sale will be going to an anti-cyberbullying charity out of Denver, Colorado.  This will help us set an example for the next generation of vampires and their mortal admirers in high schools to show the Vampyre Virtues of Civility, Chivalry, Courtesy and Elegance in their words and actions.  

You can order your shirt directly from the Endless Night Emporium at or from affiliate shops.  Collect them all and show your support for a better vampire world!