Introducing the Vampyre Legacy Ankh V23 supports the Suicide Prevention Hotline

The Vampyre Legacy Ankh V23 Edition and mental health awareness.

Legacy Ankh v23 concept art 2.jpg

The Legacy Ankh is the sigilium which represents Black Veils, the teachings, culture and philosophy which originated in the Sabretooth Clan Legacy and the Long Black Veil nightclub. This precious artifact proudly worn discretely in public and openly in ceremony Vampires / Vampyres and Black Swans to symbolize their support and dedication of the Legacy and Black Veils.

The ankh, or in Latin the Crux Ansata (cross with a handle), was originally the Egyptian hieroglyph which meant "life". Many ancient Egyptian artworks, especially funerary art, depict gods and pharaohs bearing this symbol. The ankh was also associated with Osiris, the god of death and rebirth, and ankhs were often placed with mummies in order to symbolically convey the gift of immortality. Over time the ankh came to symbolize immortality and can even be seen as a key to unlock the gates of death. The Rosicrucians and members of Hermetic orders often use this symbol in their rituals. The Coptic Christians, as well, employed it as a symbol of life after death. Ankhs incorporating mirrors into their design have sometimes been used to symbolize perception of the subtle reality.

The bladed ankh first surfaced in popular culture in the 1983 film The Hunger, directed by Tony Scott and based on the novel by Whitley Strieber, who also, significantly, wrote the novel Communion. With its historical symbolism, cultural significance, and esoteric nature, the ankh was the obvious symbol for the Black Veils and the Legacy.  In 1996, Master Metal Manipulator P.N. Drennan was commissioned by Father Sebastiaan to make a unique and exclusive version of a bladed ankh to represent the Black Veils. Thus was born the Legacy Ankh, the most recognized international symbol in the Vampire World.  


In 2019 Sabretooth Clan and Father Sebastiaan began working on reimagined edition of the Legacy Ankh entitled the “V23 Edition” with several talented concept artists. V of course represents Vampyre and 23 represents the 23rd year of the Legacy AKA Sanguine Year 23 SY23. This will be based on an updated reimagining inspired by D’Drennan’s original concept art and produced in pewter by Alchemy Gothic of England and 925 silver from the Endless Night Vampire Emporium.  To charge and attune this symbol with strong energy we will be donating $1 for each sale to the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.  The previous editions including the Sanguine Ankh, Strigoi Vii Ankh, D Edition (the original) and A Edition (will be retired for the foreseeable future) and remaining stocks sold while supplies last.

The V23 Edition Legacy Ankh will come in black, antique and a rose gold color in several sizes. We plan on revealing the first models of the V23 edition design in Spring 2019 to the world.

Announcing the Vampyre No. 23 Brand of T-shirts supporting

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Father Sebastiaan and Endless Night Productions (creators of the New Orleans Vampire Ball at the House of Blues) is proud to present the Ancient Vampyre No. 23 Brand of T-shirts and merchandise.  

Each shirt will be inspired by whiskey table style branding for different “Vampyre Halos” (the spirit of each vampire city) around the world of the old school VAMPYRE MAGAZINE branding from the 1990s.  

Locals of each halo can show pride for their city and collect them all and show support for different cities they visit.  Our first release of shirts and hoodies include New York City (Gotham Halo est. 1995), Los Angeles / Hollywood (Angel Halo est. 1996), Central Florida / Tampa (Lightning Bay Halo est. 1997), London UK (Albion Halo est. 2000), Paris France (Lutetia Halo est. 2005), New Orleans (Crescent Halo est. 1998) and San Francisco (Gate Halo est. 2015).  With many more Vampyre Halos and cities to come as they are announced.

The best part is $1 from each shirt sale will be going to an anti-cyberbullying charity out of Denver, Colorado.  This will help us set an example for the next generation of vampires and their mortal admirers in high schools to show the Vampyre Virtues of Civility, Chivalry, Courtesy and Elegance in their words and actions.  

You can order your shirt directly from the Endless Night Emporium at or from affiliate shops.  Collect them all and show your support for a better vampire world!