UNLESS SOLICITED, ALL PERFORMANCE PROPOSALS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA EMAIL. We receive a tremendous amount of people asking how they can perform at Endless Night, and don’t give us a clue of what they want to do, and some have not considered our culture or spirit of the event. This process allows us to see if we can include you in the concept of the event.

First and foremost we are in show business, and as entertainers our audience is our boss; it is the job of the crowd’s response, not the opinion of the production Krewe, which matters most.

Please read the Endless Night Manifesto to know more about the events. This is expected of all performers, guests and krewe.

Set length: All performances (except a headlining band) should be no more than 5 to 7 minutes long; our crowd is high energy and wants to dance.  Long shows will wind down the energy of the entire event, killing the bar guarantee and loosing the attention of the audience. Sometimes, we bring out multiple sets like dance shows and try to mix it into the music flow.

Promotions: All performers are expected to promote at least 60 days before the event through all possible means.  This includes inviting your entire friends list on Facebook to the official invite, posting on your fan page, sending out emails, posting on forums, etc.  Those performers who do not contribute to promotions may risk losing their booking, or a reduction in pay, as we consider this event a collective effort.

Guests: Each individual performer in a group will receive one guest.  However, only headlining acts will be permitted back stage passes out of security reasons, unless there are support staff such as personal makeup artists or roadies.   All guests of performers MUST be in appropriate dresscode or they will be denied entry by the GateKeeper. 

Transportation / Hotel: Generally, we are not responsible for accommodations and transportation for any acts but headliners, otherwise our budget would explode. We do, however, offer a fantastic opportunity for exposure, and the experience of being on the stage at Endless Night before a very receptive crowd.

Theme: Performances should be in the theme of the Endless Night spirit and concept. Certain events such as gala balls in New Orleans and Paris have themes, and performances MUST be in accordance with the specific theme. It doesn’t make much sense to have a fairy performance at a Cthulhu theme event, or a hardcore rap band in a vampire ball.

Fire: Performers must have proper insurance, and must have specific authorization from the venue, meeting all fire codes.

Blood: Human or otherwise (for play, performance, drinking, etc.), blood is strictly forbidden at all events. All blood used must be fake/theatrical blood, due to health and safety.

Bands: Usually only one per event is booked, and then only bands which bring a significant draw or will benefit the experience of the night.  Bands traditionally have not worked very well at EN due to the nature of the event, and require a lot of production such as sound check, big guest list and green room.  We usually showcase bands depending on their popularity such as Voltaire, Inkubus Sukkubus, gODHEAD, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, Cruxshadows, etc.

DJs: Please send in a written set list and a website link.

Body Modification: This depends on the event and venue, but, again, no blood.  Piercing shows are fine.

Dance Shows: We love burlesque, cabaret, belly dance and ballet. They MUST be tasteful and not sleazy, and all costume proposals should be submitted. We do not want a “normal” strip tease, but an elegant and refined performance which projects class.  Think Dita von Tease, Black Swan (the film) or Rachel Brice.

All proposals should answer these questions:

  1. What is the name of your performance or group?
  2. Which EN event and date of event you wish to perform?
  3. Please give an overview of what show you have in mind?
  4. How many people in your group?
  5. Please list the website, Facebook and Twitter of your group?
  6. What kind of budget to you need?
  7. Do you need a soundcheck?
  8. Please list any videos on YouTube which will give us an idea of your performance.
  9. What promotional support can you lend to the event?
  10. How are you going to contribute to the experience of Endless Night Vampire Ball event?

ALL proposals for performances must be submitted in writing to endlessnightvampireball@gmail.com for them to be considered.