Endless Night Gratitude & Big Thank YOU! 

Endless Night is more than just Father Sebastiaan.  It is countless supporters who make the largest vampire series of events in the world come to life.  Here is a short list of various people who have actively and currently contributed to bring you the EN experience in Europe and America.  Not in any particular order of priority except Victor Magnus. This is a living document so it will be expanding over time.

Victor Magnus our Gatekeeper and advisor for Father Sebastiaan.

Matt V Christ our fearless stage manager and DJ.

Erik Aengel our resident DJ for almost two decades and attending EN events since the 1990s.

Joy Felicity our Hospitality Director, Vegas / LA Event Director and Charity coordinator at almost every event. First Lady of the LA Vampire Salon. Her gracious spirit is a light for the entire EN community.

Cedric, Eevie & the Crescent Halo Krewe for masterful role models of EN community.

Benjamin Addam and Alexis Pharae from Vampfangs and EN Salem for bringing professionalism and a new fresh spirit.

Eve Harker our long time German rep and fearless WGT goddess.

Kae our Vizier from SF and loving vampire hostess.

Dan Sperry bringing dark Magick to our stages in Vegas and beyond.

Minos for being FS’s big brother and countless hours of advice.

Arden Leigh for being a beautiful supporter of our code of conduct and lecturing / performing.

Alex Medina and his sister wives for being such great energy around the world.

Jae Sinclair for all of her lovely burlesque shows and love of the EN world.

Diana Dzhaketov is our lovely MC of the LA Vampire Ball.

Emma Vauxdevil from TX for being our featured performer in so many nights.

Sean Templar for his sarcasm and masterful mixes.

Mandana Templar our NOLA and NYC gatekeeper

Masuimi Max for finally gracing our stage.

Kai Cerebus and Noelle from NYC for the years of support, patronage, hard work and photography.

Kent Kaliber of Bar Sinister for helping establish EN in LA.

Lyssa Slattery of Bar Sinister for managing so many salons.

La Esmeralda for gracing our flyers for many years.

Lea Contessa for her beautiful musing modeling and photography.

Tricia Le Belle owner of Bar Sinister LA and mentor to FS.

Azraehell from London for wisdom and support.

Dorian and Cordellia for their massive promotional support and involvement.

Dani Divine for her enthusiasm, burlesque and support of the EN brand

Hannibal of Paris for your endless photography in Europe.

Sabrina Santiago for hosting NYC / Gotham and countless inspiration

Anna Butters from NOLA for hours volunteering to support NOLA.

Mary Soracco our EN Bazaar curator in Vegas and LA.

Evo from NYC for his enthusiasm, patronage and volunteering in NOLA

Bloody Mary of NOLA for being the mother of Fred Samedi and our hierophant.

Jonathan Weiss from NOLA for his continued support over the years as an Emissary and storyteller.

Shannon McCabe of Vampire Ball Sacramento for public support and being such a great Emissary.

Leonardo Cavallero for his emissary promotions and fangsmithing love.

Tink for growing up with EN and being our wing mistress.

Rose Sinister for being involved in our amazing events.

Shane Defreest for his countless hours of creative advice  

Sherry and the team from Ravens & Rockers in Tampa

Xris SMack our blue haired Gotham DJ for massive promotions.

Ashley Bad beautiful burlesque from NYC. 

Coal for her massive support of EN LA.

Mahafsoun for gracing our flyers and stages with her bellydance and presence.

Victoria Lane of Lost Angels LA for your massive inspiration on our VIP area.

Ariel de Ment for operatic sounds and beautiful costumes.

Jean Jak from Darkland Paris for sponsoring EN and giving us a fangsmithing home.

Lylou from France for her massive support over the years in burlesque and being a smart ass. 

Sabine Horhat for countless hours of creative endeavors in Paris running our salons and balls.

Lord Chaz of NOLA for gracing our stage for so many years and masterful storytelling.

Dnash for all the years of serving EN patrons amazing fangs.

Fira countless ours of assisting FS and bringing good spirits

Stich, Julie and the Gothic Ren team from NYC 

Jason Carl from White Wolf for countless hours of support, advice and wisdom on making EN even more immersive.

David XLII - Masterful gala DJ.

Shariz Cummings - our LA diva gatekeeper diva.

Nox Arcana “Bill” for composing such delightful melodies.

G Tom Mac for bringing Cry Little Sister to our stage.

Allen, Robert & Sherry from the Castle in Tampa for 5 years of support.

Chi Chi Valenti of MOTHER and MC at many EN events over the years.

Patti Negri for bringing her amazing spirit to Vegas and LA.

Bagoas for being an amazing inspiration and perfect example of male bellydancing.

BABY MAGICK for being new musical energy to the EN experience.

Neil Adams for crafting, volunteering and loving EN in Paris and Tampa.

Jeffrey Damnit our Lost Boy and MC for many EN events.

Kaedrich Olson our magical inspiration for EN Vegas and beyond.

Courtney Grave of the Church Dallas for making EN Dallas a great vision and role model of production.

Tsarina of NOLA for being an EN VIP hostess and hosting EN in her bar Pravda.

Don Nedler of Church Dallas for owning the EN Dallas franchise and believing in the brand.

Dorian Dane & Harley Mace our red carpet hosts and dress code enforcers

Chad Savage our graphic designer who created the EN logo and Fred Samedi

Alex Savage our fearless rep from Chicago and massive suppert.

Abby, David and the House of Blues team for their professionalism and massive support making EN NOLA become the #1 Halloween party in the world.

La Dutchessa from NL for her gracing our flyers, enthusiasm and patronage.

Baron Misuraca for your musical contributions and performances over the decades.

Myke Hideous for from the first EN event in NYC in 1996 being a constant supporter.

Seth Neuffer our photographer who helped define the EN dress code image. 

Alandra for some of the best costumes in the vampire realms, designing loads of great merch with her company, being a pillar in Lightning Bay and welcoming the krewe into her home for the Tampa events.

JoHanna de Moresco of Cruxshadows for being our VIP hostess in Tampa and countless support with EN events.

Marcus Bellecourt for your boundless love of the EN brand and support.

Sir Lars and Summer for traveling around the world with claws and leather.

Asryan from Paris for his constant enthusiasm and graphic design expertise. 

Alex from Blackdog Paris for investing in EN for many years.

Kelly Starr from Dallas for inspiring EN Dallas and her massive enthusiasm for our community. 

Bellz for helping with decor and hours of plotting and planning for EN LA

Sin and Scarlet to Batcave LA for their enthusiasm and support locally building LA.

Kelly Alexa for being a part of our legacy staff and hours of dedication.

Erick Thelema for being a constant source of positive energy.

Ashley Pagliuso from Straight Out of the Coffin for vending so many events and being a supporter.

SHOCK THE MONSTER “Anthony” for being our LA DJ and Lost Boys impersonator.

Ko James for years of love, enthusiasm, ritual and support. 

Seph Goth bringing the London dark beats.

Nikki from Vegas for her local support of EN.

Michael Patterson of Cloak and Dagger for consultation and suggestions on making EN a better place. 

Roo from Vegas for being our local crew and many years to come.

A shout out to the Legacy krewe who have supported EN over the years. All of course the patrons who support the EN experience.